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Labour Law Compliance

Labour Law Compliance

  1. Filling of PF & ESIC returns including deposit of PF & ESIC contribution

Every business unit registered under PF or ESIC or both need to carry out certain compliance on regular basis to avoid consequences of any non compliance or inspection from department which may result into verification of all company records and unnecessary hassles for small or mid size companies who do not have HR department or small department who is taking care of only recruitment process and do not have expertise or time to take care of various labour law compliances like deduction and deposit of accurate PF and ESIC amount along with respective return in ECR file. Here we help the small and mid size companies by managing their PF & ESIC compliances including maintenance of records. This will help the organisation to concentrate on core business and leave the compliances on our team with minimum cost.

  • Filling of Professional Tax returns including deposit of Professional Tax contribution

Professional Tax compliances are generally comes into picture in southern and western part of India. North Indian states like Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh etc does not have professional tax legislation. However in rest of the India maximum states have professional tax legislation in place. The business units running in those state like Gujarat, Kanataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, etc must have registered themselves under professional tax and meet the compliances requirement as per respective states legislation. Most of the states have provision to deduct the professional tax from the salary of employees and deposit the same with department and file the return with department within due deadline. Here we help the business units to comply with professional tax regulation as we have the competence of managing professional tax compliance on pan India basis.

  • Filling of Labour welfare Fund returns including deposit of welfare fund contribution
  • Maintenance of Statutory registers as per various state labour laws.

The business units are bound to maintain certain set of records and registers as per various labour law legislation like PF, ESIC, Payment of wages Act, Minimum wages Ac, Maternity benefit Act, Shops & establishment Act. The non compliance with the provisions of these acts are serious in nature, because non compliance with certain provision are criminal in nature like maternity benefit act etc. which sometimes require personal presence of the directors of the company in the courts. Here our team who is expert in maintain records of the client as per respective state laws can help the business units to have a peaceful life by outsourcing this compliance. Here we will give 100% compliance satisfaction to the clients

  • Managing departmental inspection & notice under various labour laws.

As per various labour laws the inspector under different Acts are authorise to inspect the premises and records of the business units to ensure with respect to various labour laws. This activity is very important and required an intelligent management of the records and facts. Some time employees are not competent enough to handle the inspection properly and mad unnecessary disclosure before the enforcement agency. We have expert team who have experience of managing theses inspection on behalf of clients, we share the records and information with the officials only professionally and only adequate information. This help the clients in reducing unnecessary expenses on managing the work and to minimise litigation cost by avoiding unwanted litigations.

  • Assisting HR department in drafting HR policy.

Hr policy is a very important document for any organisation. This policy helps in managing the staff or employees of the company in more efficient and professional way by maintaining uniformity in treating the all employees and creating an atmosphere of discipline team and healthy relationship between managers and their subordinates. Here we have team who do lots of research work on HR policy of the Indian as well as International companies and also keep them updated what an employee and an employer is expecting from each other. These help us in formulating or assisting in formulation of HR policy for any company.

  • Drafting policy on prevention of sexual harassment at work place for the corporate and assisting by providing external person in ICC (Internal complaint committee)

Every company or business unit must have a policy on prevention of sexual harassment at work place as per the legal requirement. This is mandatory for every organisation even if company does not have female employees. Because this legislation not only protect the employee but also protect the customer or visitor of the business unit. The business units which have at least 10 employees need to form a committee having one external person who has the experience of managing such things and the women should be in majority as well as chairperson of Internal Complaint committee should be a woman only. Here we help the client company in drafting policy on prevention of sexual harassment as well as provide one external person who will be part of Internal Management Committee to make it more transparent.

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